Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Rainy Days :(

Hey everyone,
My post today is to give some tips on what to do if your bored and stuck inside because its raining or whatever!

  • Draw and colour pictures ... it always passes the time!
  • Makeup a dance routine!
  • Make lists on what you need to do!
  • Tidy your room, it feels much better afterwards!
  • Watch your Favourite film :)
  • Make a healthy meal :)
  • Practice your make up for halloween :) I tried mine, its a cat!

My Halloween Makeup for 2011!! (Practice)

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

My interview with SHOUT magazine!

Hey everyone!
Basically the SHOUT magazine is in stores... oh you know!, the one with my interview in it! :D

I'm uber happy with the interview and mega excited to be in a magazine.. wow? it doesn.t seem real?! 
But I hope your all liking our facebook page, following our twitter page, (all links on actual boutique site www.sachachicboutiqe.co.uk ... :) <3

Love from

Tuesday, 26 July 2011


Today I went swimming and sneaked in the 16 and over Jacuzzi  :)

I particularly loovvee under water swimming! Its quiet, relaxing, and very ... me and my dream world.
Goggles are my swimming best friend as it helps me see under water like a tropical and beautiful fish :)

The Jacuzzi was really funny as I've never been in one before and I wasn't actually allowed in there but hey! I went in anyway, but of course I climbed out every minute just in case LOL!

Do you enjoy swimming? Or even just take lessons!

Thanks for reading!
(I think my harry potter blog has disappeared?)

Cyar Laters Readers!:)
From Sacha and Millie (the puppy)

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Holiday Time Baby!

It's the most adored time of the year... Summer Holidays!!!

Maybe because it means:

  • NO more school!?
  • A Fab holiday abroad somewhere!?
  • And 1 BIG break:)
But there is some downers... Skin cancer is one HECK of a BIG risk!
HOW to prevent this?
Sun tan lotion will save you!

Have a save holiday everyone:)

Sacha and Mille:)

Monday, 18 July 2011

Shout Magazine Interview!!!

Hi readers!!!

I'm so excited today! Firstly, I have not long till the summer holiday starts and today I had a phone interview with SHOUT Magazine! How amazing is that?! I'm Not sure when the issue comes out but when I do know... I'll blog!!! So the interview went really well, I was incredibly nervous but it went better than I thought it would so I'm very happy about that, of course the nervous side is not helping but I'm mostly excited:) 

Thanks for reading! 
Don't forget to check the site out please:)
Sacha and Millie (who is successfully munching on her bone!)

Thursday, 7 July 2011

The website is up! ;O)

Hi everybody!

I'm happy to announce that my online boutique is running! Its all to do with fashion, and special extras. There are pooch wear which my puppy, Millie, personally adores! ;)
We hope you like our adorable fashion retail.
Thank you!
P.S please check out my online special experience... http://sachachicboutique.co.uk

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Our website is almost ready ;o)

Sacha Chic Boutique is almost ready to go live, just a few more tweeks by the designers, and then you will all be able to see the gorgeous clothing we have found for you.

Every garment has gone through a special preparation process giving it the softest individual touch with a fair-trade and environmentally friendly ethos which we support at Sacha Chic Boutique.
Our range includes items that are 100% organic, and items that are Fair Trade, wherever possible.
All of our garments are put together with pride, time, care and passion.

I will post again soon when we go live, and I hope you will love my boutique as much as I do!